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Something to Consider

One photographer who has been shooting wedding for over 7 years says that guests are constantly pulling out their phones and not really paying attention to the ceremony, brides will get pictures of a bunch of guests all looking at their phones or iPads instead of looking at the bride and groom! Another photographer said: ““If you’re standing up taking a picture, if you’re in an aisle, if your phone’s going off, if you’re texting or watching the game, you really just need to stop,” (Hoer)We know your guests are excited about your wedding and would like to participate in documenting your beautiful wedding. However, wouldn’t it be so much more romantic if everyone enjoyed the ceremony looking at you and your groom rather than into their mobile devices?

Selfies! So much fun, everyone got really good at taking them, and now we even have the selfie sticks. Jon and Jane just got married and it is right after the ceremony now, the photographers want to do their formal portraits. And they only have about 20 minutes for them. After that it’s going to be pitch dark, because of course they chose sunset hour for the ceremony so it is now twilight. One photographer said: “… and everyone’s got their stick out taking selfies with each other, with the bride and groom.. it takes awhile to calm the whole thing down, while the time for portraits is running out. Remember that.

How about the reception? Who would want a bunch of pictures of your guests submerged into the depths of their cellphones. Once at a wedding, it was during the reception, the DJ was playing his best set of songs. But the dance floor was almost empty. I was thinking, where is everybody. I looked around, everyone was doing something with a mobile device. Either taking selfies, twitting, posting on facebook and instagram, everyone was on the phone! So taking candits of people laughing, dancing and having fun was almost impossible.

So if your aunt Trudy, uncle Bill, cousin Jake and second cousin Tiff feel that they need to step in the isle, in front of your photographers, while you are coming down the isle, let them. However, don’t be surprised when you get your pictures back and you see that what would have been a beautiful shot of you, is now a picture of their backs, with parts of your dress visible in the distance and your face of course completely blocked by some giant pink Ipad.

We suggest Unplugged Wedding. Not the whole wedding, but at least the ceremony.

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