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Why You Should  Get a Wedding Album

From experience, we have come to the conclusion that couples almost never look at the thousands of digital images we have given them on the CD. They would look at it once, may be twice. They would choose one or two pictures to print and hang on the wall, then the CD goes in the drawer to collect dust and rarely comes out in the next decade. Wouldn't it be great if your photographer adds a  tremendous value to your collection by giving you something that will last you lifetime. An ALBUM! An immaculate, luxurious piece of art, that you would be thrilled to display in your living room for everyone to see. 

 If you haven’t given it a thought yet, think about this: everything you have invested in for your wedding will be gone at the end of the day: flowers, dj, cake, food, drinks... Everything! Except your Album. It is forever. Archival photopaper has a lifetime of over 100 years. A CD has a lifetime of about 7 years. Not to mention how fast technology changes. Do you know of anyone who still has their wedding images saved on a floppy disc? Did they transfer them to a more current media or did they lose them forever? In 10 years, when CDs are obsolete, will you be transferring all you image files on new generation of media?? Think about it. Get an album and give your legacy the memory of you. They will be thankful you did.

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