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How Many Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage Do You Really Need?

Let's face it, people do not get married every day. You do not know what you need and don't know where to start. Luckily there are wedding planners, DJ's, musicians, cake makers, cinematographers, bridal boutiques and photographers to name just a few... So, let's cover the photography part. How many hours of coverage do you need? A typical wedding coverage consists of four major photography components and two not so major or optional ones. You figure, four hours should be enough. The photographer will snap a few pictures while we're getting ready, then she will drive over to the ceremony and take pictures of that and then she will make us look amazing in the portraits right after the ceremony, she will also take formal portraits of everyone in the bridal party, then she will drive over to the reception site and take pictures of everything there including the last dance.

Four hours should be enough, right?


Getting Ready

Time required: 3 hours.

Getting ready takes awhile, if you need documentary style coverage, you need at least two hours for that component. Add some shots of the bride posing by the window, sitting pretty, now you need an extra hour or at least 45 min. Get shots of the dress on that cute hanger you ordered, shoes, rings, veil, something borrowed, old and blue. Run over to the groom and the boys, take shots of his best man trying to figure out that darn tie. There... your four hours just ran out!


Time required: 1 hour

Ceremony usually takes half an hour give or take 10-15 min. No big deal. However, have you wondered why the first few minutes of every New Year go so fast and all of a sudden it's 2 am? Same right after you say "I do." The ceremony itself lasts half an hour but it will take at least that much longer for the whole thing to be over. (Imagine all those relatives that will insist on hugging you and congratulating you. And you have to do it. They are happy for you and want to share your Joy.) What will a photographer do then, she cant take your portrait while everyone is hugging you. So, this is a major component and As far as Vania Lynd Photography is concerned, it takes at least an hour.

Formal Portraits

Time required: 1 hour and 15 minutes (including setting up of photo equipment)

Here is a typical list for the formals:

-parents of bride and groom together, all four, then two and two

-all parents with bride and groom (and siblings if there are any)

-bride with her parents

-groom with his parents

-all bridesmaids with bride

-all groomsman with groom

-all bridal party together

-bride with maid of honor

-groom with best man

-flower girls and ring bearers together

-bride and groom with officiant

This completes the portrait session for bride and groom and bridal party and it takes about 30 minutes. Any additional request must be made in advance and may or may not be honored depending on how we are doing on time. Following this is a photoshoot for the bride and groom alone, away from everyone else, this will typically last about 45 minutes.


Time required for full coverage: 4 hours (+/- 1 hour)

From the moment you walk in the venue as the new Mr. & Mrs. to the last dance. This includes first dance, and dances with parents, details of food, tables, decoration, sign in book and place cards and anything else. The customary toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss as well as the money dance and the last dance. Any special rituals and customs will be documented as well. Think of it this way: if it moves, we shoot it!

Trash the Dress

This is done the after the wedding. You are never going to wear this dress again, right? So...  Let's get you in it and get you in the pool, ocean, lake... you get the idea, for some great out of this world shots. Think you might be one of the brave ones to do it? Ask us about it!

Boudoir Session

A present for him. Every bride looks gorgeous wearing her bridal undies and her veil only. Don't believe us? Ask us to see sample shots.

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